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Nominees of the 2019 African Awards Night Dinner and Gala
May 25, 2019 at the Bonsor Recreation Center, Metrotown, Burnaby

Nominees of Provincial Male African Player of the Year
  1. Idriss Najm Finalist
  2. Joel Padmore Finalist
  3. Ayodeji Folami Finalist
Nominees of Provincial Female African Player of the Year
  1. Jennifer Torry Finalist
  2. Tyler Wright Finalist
  3. Alexis Heinz Finalist
Nominees of U9 Africa United Player of the Year (boys and girls)
  1. Yonata Derseh Finalist
  2. Matthew Derseh Finalist
  3. Yohanes Mengestu Finalist
Nominees of U10 Africa United Player of the Year
  1. Bruk Tsegai Finalist
  2. Joshua Gima Finalist
  3. Nkechi Anselem Finalist
Nominees of U11 Africa United Player of the Year
  1. Aiko Adebo Finalist
  2. Jamil Abubakar Finalist
  3. Mohamed Dolleh Finalist
Nominees of U12 Africa United Player of the Year (Girls)
  1. Iba Oching Finalist
  2. Mateya Damir Finalist
  3. Eden Admas Finalist
Nominees of U12 Africa United Player of the Year (Boys)
  1. Abubakar Kourouma Finalist
  2. Simon Dori Finalist
  3. Robel Mengestu Finalist
Nominees of U13 Africa United Player of the Year
  1. Essay Beyene Finalist
  2. Biniam Tesfa alem Finalist
  3. Aaron Dereje Finalist
Nominees of U14 Africa United Player of the Year
  1. Aaron Dereje Finalist
  2. Yasbrat Habtamu Finalist
  3. Natu Dori Finalist



The Official Website of ACSCA
African Canadian Soccer & Cultural Association


The African Canadian Soccer & Cultural Association (ACSCA) is currently making massive preparations to host the 2018 African Soccer Tournament. This year will mark the 24th anniversary of the competition. Like last year, 16 African teams are expected to participate in the three-day soccer fest on August 10, 11 and 12. Liberia, the 2017 champions will be there to fiercely defend their championship title. Along with the Men’s Open, we will also have youth between the ages of nine and 16 competing in a separate tournament running concomitantly with the adults’. Good news, we are getting everyone involved, especially the youth among whom we are expected to produce some of the best players the world of soccer is willing to receive. Before the tournament, ACSCA will also participate in the Richmond Nations Cup on July 20-22, fielding four teams (Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Men’s Over 30 and Over 35).

Exactly one week after the African Soccer Tournament, we will also be celebrating the Africa Day Cultural Festival at the Moody Park in the City of New Westminster. Everyone, young and old is invited at the Park on Saturday August 18 to enjoy the cultural festivities. The Karakata International Cultural Band will be there to entertain the crowd with African music and dance. Acholi Cultural Community will also be on hand to do the traditional African dance and music, followed by the Liberian Cultural Troupe with their acrobatic performances.

On May 19 of this year we held the African Awards Night at the Bonsor Recreation Center. The event was well attended and several youth received awards on the night in the full view of their parents and other invited guests. Dr. Yabome Gilpin-Jackson served as the Keynote Speaker.

As a non-profit organization, how are we surviving? How are we able to fund our projects? We would not have been able to undertake all these projects without the help of our sponsors (our partners in progress), some of whom give in-kind donations while others give cash donations. They are: the City of Burnaby, the City of New Westminster, Umbro Canada, Afro Hair Studio, Abantu, Canadian Tires Jumpstart, Ethiopian Airlines and the most recently added KIA West Motors.

We are also grateful to the following businesses and organizations that support us in many ways in making our community organization a viable and vibrant entity: Taste of Africa Restaurant, Axum Ethiopian Restaurant, Lalibela Restaurant, Solorose International, Anim Hair Studio and Watta David Catering. Others are: the Karakata Cultural Group, Umoja Operation Compassion Society, the Acholi Community, the Ethiopian Cultural Community, the Sierra Leonean Community, the Liberian Association of Greater Vancouver, Platform Media International and many more who time and space will not permit me to name at the moment.

As we continue to serve our community, we are cognizant of the challenges and the constraints we sometimes face. Though we recognize these challenges and constraints along the way as we grow – challenges which are not endemic to our situation, as most non-profit organizations go through the same -- I can safely say that ACSCA is the most viable, most credible, most transparent and most organized non-profit umbrella African organization in the Lower Mainland. As you have seen over the past years, the programs we run continue to leave an indelible imprint on the minds of the public and we want to do more.

Therefore, let’s meet at the Hugh Boyd Park in Richmond on July 20-22 during the Richmond Nations Cup to cheer the Africa United teams to victory. Thereafter, all roads lead to the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex on August 10, 11, and 12 for the African Soccer Tournament and to Moody Park on August 18 for the Festival. We look forward to seeing you. Let’s enjoy the summer break while we can.

Yours truly,

Jerry Gbardy



African Awards Night
Dinner & Gala 2019

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