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List of Nominees for the 2017 African Awards Night

Dinner & Gala May 20, 2017

Female Division

Finalists: ACSCA Best Player
of the Year 2016 (Female)

  1. Inku Gedecho - Ethiopia
  2. Ayla Arkharst - Ghana
  3. Dina Odeng - South Sudan

Male Division

ACSCA All-Star Elite Team
(ASET XI) 2016

  1. Yassin Essa - Ghana
  2. Isaac Kyei - Ghana
  3. Joel Padmore - Liberia
  4. Kalifah Dukuly - Liberia
  5. Gilbert Kyne - Liberia
  6. Shukri Manzoul - Sudan
  7. Jallab Maki - Sudan
  8. Ronaldo Nketia - Uganda
  9. Leo Vero - Uganda
  10. Donald Kambere - Uganda
  11. Jervis Ambaka - Nigeria

Finalists: ACSCA African Best Player
of the Year 2016 (Male)

  1. Kalifah Dukuly - Liberia
  2. Joel Padmore - Liberia
  3. Donald Kambere - Uganda

ACSCA Best Guest Player
of the Year 2016

  1. Curtis Goodrich - Uganda
  2. Riyad Rasheed - Uganda
  3. Jordan Schatroph - Liberia

Youth Division

ACSCA U-10 Finalists

  1. Aarop Chobang - South Sudan
  2. Thomas Berhanu - Ethiopia
  3. T. J. Tahid - Ghana

ACSCA U-13 Finalists

  1. Aaron Dereje - Ethiopia
  2. Oluwaseyi Balogun - Nigeria
  3. Zeru Abera - Ethiopia

ACSCA U-15 Finalists

  1. Damjan Gasovich - Canada
  2. Ezra Kodi Mahmoud - South Sudan
  3. Bruck Geletu - Ethiopia

ACSCA U-18 Finalists

  1. Kidus Achalu - Ethiopia
  2. Abdi Yousef - Somalia
  3. Naod Asaye - Ethiopia

ACSCA Coach of the Year 2016

  1. Emmanuel Bishop Kansiime - Uganda

Citation of Excellence
(Lifetime Achievement)

  1. Tariku Tesfa - Ethiopia


Fellow Africans and Friends of Africa,

First of all, I would like to thank my predecessor, Justus Mirembe and Members of the Board of Directors of the African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association for reposing the confidence in me by electing me President of this noble umbrella African Community organization. This indeed, is demonstrative of the desire to commit to the democratic process and uphold the organization’s constitution and by-laws, thereby setting a standard and a good example that without any doubt should be emulated and replicated by other cultural organizations in our community. 

I come to this position with a renewed sense of passion and commitment in working harder to make our organization an all-inclusive entity which would ultimately set the stage for a vibrant African Community. I may be new to the position, but I am not new to the operations of the organization, having joined it eight years ago and dutifully and diligently served two previous administrations as Secretary.

Our organization has put Africa on the map in the Province of British Columbia based on the number of meaningful programs we run annually, such as the African Soccer Tournament, the Africa United FC, the Awards Night, and the Youth Training Center which conducts soccer training and youth development for kids from ages four to 18. Better yet, we intend to take it a step further. 

Plans are in the works for us to celebrate Africa Day; a day set aside to extravagantly display our rich African culture. We also intend to partner with some professional soccer clubs in the MLS or other international soccer associations to adopt our Youth Training Center with the hope of granting some of our young talented players the opportunity to go professional. This is every kid’s dream.

Judging from our operations from the past and considering the other programs we intend to implement, our organization is exponentially expanding and taking on added responsibilities as we progressed. So we will be knocking on more doors for additional sponsorships to cope with the added responsibilities. 

We have been doing all these good things for our community with the help of our partners in progress and sponsors: the City of Burnaby, Umbro Canada, Heineken Canada, Western Union and Canadian Tire. We are indeed grateful to all of them and hope that they will continue to partner with us to make our community vibrant.

Finally I cannot stress enough that organizations such as ours grow through people. That means we will need all the human capitals we can get to volunteer their time with us to implement our programs to make our organization second to none. Therefore, we are calling on all of you hard working members of our community who share similar vision to join us to work in the interest of our community. This is a cause worthy of pursuit. Please do not be a passive bystander, be an active participant. If we do not do it for our organization and our community, who else will?  So, my fellow Africans, please come join us. Together, with determination, zeal, commitment, and concerted efforts, we will take our organization to the next level and make our community vibrant.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Yours truly,

Jerry Gbardy



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